Useful Links

Billericay Community Trust (BCT)
As a school we play an active part in BCT.  It consists of all the Primary and Secondary Schools in Billericay working together to provide the best opportunities for the children in our community.

Billericay Scitt Billericay Educational Consortium (BEC)
School Led Initial Teacher Training in Essex

Billericay Teaching School Alliance  
As an alliance, our priority is to work with teachers, schools and a wide range of organisations seeking innovative ways to impact on every day learning experiences of children in the classroom.

Mayflower High School

Specialist Science and Language Secondary School

Billericay School   

Specialist Maths and Computer Secondary School

For Home to School Transport
For those who require transport to Secondary School, please click on the link above.


For Free School Meals Entitlement (FSM)
To apply for Free School Meals please click on the link above.


Let's Get Cooking Recipes 
This website has many different healthy recipes from around the world that families may wish to try. 

Billericay Parents Forum 
An organisation to support parents in our area. The group recently held it's 50th course at our school.  Find out more using this link. 

Essex Wildlife Trust   

This organisation runs the visitor centre at Hanningfield Reservoir which the school has visited.  They provide a wide range of activities allowing children and families to learn more about our natural environment. 

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