Our Vision


The school’s vision is to realise the potential of every child within a caring, considerate Christian community.

School Vision: WINGS



Nurtured in Christian values

Growth Mindset


“In celebrating an ever changing Britain, to enable all children to develop an understanding of the values of the British culture within the diverse world in which they live promoting care, consideration and courtesy towards everyone.”

“To embrace difference and celebrate inclusion enabling every child to shine whatever their needs, abilities and circumstances.”


“To develop children into good moral citizens with values firmly rooted in an understanding of the Christian faith and its relevance in their lives.”


“To nurture children to be aspirational and ambitious in everything they do with the resilience and independence to learn from mistakes and be confident in themselves.”


“To ensure every child receives the very best learning experiences enabling them to make the best possible progress throughout the school and to prepare them to become lifelong learners.”


What do we currently do?



Have established a relationship with a school in China and South Africa; sponsor a child’s education in Rwanda and ensure that there are topic links to different countries through our “Cornerstones Curriculum”.



Have developed very good relationships and communication with parents of children with SEND; celebrate all children’s successes; have close links with outside agencies; have a termly collective worship celebrating differences; have high expectations and leadership of SEND; high level of parental engagement; staff have participated in Essex Steps therapeutic approach; offer art and play therapy; have opportunities for high achievers in maths and sport as well as providing sporting opportunities for SEND children.


Have very strong leadership of collective worship; promote and celebrate Downham’s 3Cs; have regular visits to the school from Christians (including Governors); develop a sense of belonging and support within the community; celebrate the feeling from staff and visitors that there is something “different” at Downham; offer explicitly Christian services for families; plan RE lessons, Godly play; provide opportunities for the children to spend time on the prayer bus and engage in prayer space days.


Celebrate children’s growth mindset with awards and follow up activities at home; display growth mindset in all classes; provide the opportunity for children in EYFS to learn outside as part of “Wellie Wednesday”; have a high focus on competitive sport; offer induction for new parents.





Have a team of skilled teachers and TAs; develop the leadership and expertise of subject leaders; are embedding the Cornerstones curriculum; monitoring the children’s learning through a triangulation of evidence which includes data, books and what is being learnt in the classroom;



What are we going to do in addition this year?

We would like to:

Invite visitors from different faiths and countries to school; visit a range of different religious places of worship and write this into our RE scheme of work; raise the profile of the local history and plan visits linked to our local history; raise the profile of geography map-type resources in all classes and display where in the world children, staff and visitors have been; establish buddy pen-pals in China and beyond and develop links with culturally diverse schools in England; support others who are less fortunate than us in Britain and overseas


We would like to:

Look at how subject leaders identify pupils who are greater depth in subject areas and signpost them to activities that will support them out of school; explore the UP project alongside 7 Spires; plan to deepen and evidence children’s understanding in their topics; ensure that the new sex and relationships guidance informs our policy; include a range of visits and visitors that are inclusive and inspirational as a role model for different groups of the population


We would like to:

Increase children’s spirituality especially accessing activities outdoors

Develop the use of reflective areas around school; engage in social actions for those less fortunate in Britain and overseas; focus highly on mental health issues in children and have strategies to address these; help pupils to consider the impact and connection Christianity has on people’s cultural heritage and the lives of people worldwide.



We would like to:

Develop resilience in investigational science – learning from failure in experiments; have more evidence of growth mindset display around school; continue with the growth mindset award – especially focusing on responding to failure; roll out “Welly Wednesday” to KS1; increase in outdoor learning; provide homework opportunities to develop resilience; include parents in the school vision meeting; develop more independence and ownership e.g. not chasing children for permission slips etc


We would like to:

Give homework activities related to experiences; hold regular meetings for pupils who are making slow progress in the core subjects; continue monitoring the teaching and learning in the classrooms for maths, literacy and a foundation subject; identify skills progression in art and DT; reflect on the Cornerstones Curriculum and make necessary changes at the end of the 2 year rolling programme ready for September 2020


  1. Downham School Vision 2019-2020