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 Internet Safety ImageSafe use of the Internet

At Downham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School we strongly believe that new technologies, including the internet, provide exciting opportunities for children to learn, play and communicate.  However, the internet is unregulated, anyone with a computer can put anything onto the internet with great ease and the anonymity of the internet can allow people to pretend to be something they aren't.  Therefore we must educate everyone on safe and sensible use of the internet so that all of the opportunities it offers can be enjoyed by everyone.

Why should parents think about Internet Safety?
Parents have approached us and asked about safe use of the internet.  At school our internet is filtered by Essex.  Whilst no system is 100% perfect, the filter prevents any sites which show adult material or allow chat.  If we feel a site has been accessed through our computers which is not appropriate we can report it to the filter to prevent further access.  In our experience this system has been very successful.

At home it is up to parents to ensure the internet is filtered.  Depending on your internet service provider (ISP) and you anti virus software, you will have a number of options to filter inappropriate sites and restrict access to chat rooms.  You should look at your software guides or contact your provider if you are unsure about these.  By simply changing some settings and password protecting them you can have more confidence that children are not accessing sites with adult content.

If they use chat sites to communicate with friends and you are reluctant to stop this then set rules and agree that you can monitor this occasionally to ensure they are only chatting with people they know in the 'real world' not an online persona who could actually be anyone. 

 Informative Links
The links below will provide more information about the internet and safe use of it.  Some have been provided by ourselves and others recommended by parents.  If you have any other links which you think would be useful to the school community please pass them to us. 

How to protect your child online
The start of term is the ideal time to talk to your child about how to keep safe online. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre is the UK’s national protection agency and has information on CEOP’s Children’s programme can be found at CEOP has been working with social networking sites to put internet safety at the fingertips of children and young people.  For Facebook users visit, to add the relevant free app to your profile and ask your child to do the same. This gives you immediate access to internet safety advice. MSN and BEBO users look for the click CEOP icon at the side of every profile page. It is a default  setting and provides immediate access to internet safety advice. You can check out our Internet Safety in the children's area of this website for more links.  The Danger of Strangers Online, visit their facebook page EST E Safety Training,  they have some very important and useful information regarding apps that your children may be using. Do you know which apps your children are using? To set Parental Controls on mobile devices such as, your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, please visit or

Get Safe Online This is an organisation which offers online security with all aspects of home and business computing, along with social media security, phone security and much more advice.

You may also like to visit the following websites. 
Please note, we are not responsible for the content of links to other websites but aim to check that they are appropriate for a school website.  If you think a site is unsuitable and feel the link should be removed, please contact the school office.


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