Ideas for Learning

Try out some of these websites, they may be fun and you never know, you might learn something!


 Maths Dictionary
A dictionary to help explain maths words.

Woodlands Junior School Resources Zone
 Primary Games
Action games, puzzles, colouring & more!
 KS1 Bitesize
Sats revision help from the BBC.
 BBC Newsround
Children's BBC Newsround site.
Games, homework help and revision.
 Activity Village
Lots of colouring activities.
 Maths Zone
Collection of games and activities
 Maths Is Fun
Try these puzzles, games & quizzes.
 KS2 Bitesize
Sats revision help from the BBC.


Other Sites

Religious Education 
Lots of quizzes on every possible religion. Reading ability is essential. Upper KS2.

Fabulous site with information and activities about Florence Nightingale, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Henry VIII, Elizabeth Fry, Christopher Columbus, Mary Seacole, Pocahontas, Samuel Pepys, Edward Jenner and George Stevenson. KS1 and lower KS2 (but very interesting for all).

Great site with activities that include Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Children of Victorian Britain and Children of World War Two. KS1 and KS2.

The Science Museum has loads of activities which are great fun but will also help you with your science in school. 

  1. Spelling guide for parents.