Online Payment & Text Messages

 We use ParentPay for parents/carers to make e-payment methods to pay for Dinner Money and School Trips etc, using your debit/credit card & PayPoint card.  This system is provided by Lloyds TSB and provides a secure and convenient way for parents to send money to the school. Paying by this method avoids the need for children to carry cash, prevents loss and saves them having to remember to hand it in!  It also allows parents to make the payment at their convenience.

Every parent has been allocated a unique log in ID; if for any reason you do not have your ID, or have any problems using the site, please contact the school office.

 PayPoint cards allow you to make cash payments to school at local convenience stores where you see the PayPoint Logo. Please contact the school office to request this option of payment.  

 We also use Parentpay to send out text messages, to inform parents/carers about school information such as cancellations of clubs and school emergency closure.





  1. ParentPay Getting Started Instructions