Learning Council

Learning Council 2017- 2018

The new council will assemble in November to raise money for the school’s chosen charity ‘Teddies for Tragedies.’

A huge congratulations to these children and a massive well done for the great growth mindset shown by every child that entered.

Learning Council Representatives for 2017 - 2018

Year 6 incharge –  Oliver B / Ryan M / Maggie S 

Class RC -   Briar R / Keelan H

Class LB -  Finley D / Finley W

Class DB -   Scarlett H / Max M

Class PO -   Darcy C / Poppy N

Class LF -  Ronnie T / Kristy R

Class HB -   Carter W / Zoe N

Class EP -   Oliver M / Roxanne H

 As a council, we have decided that the best way forward is to get involved in the Learning at Downham School. We have decided to Re-brand ourselves as a Learning Council rather than a School Council. 

The Role of the Learning Council

  • To advise the Head Teacher and teaching staff on how to: 
  •  Improve learning conditions for all children at Downham CE VC Primary School
  • To ensure that learning is fun
  • To ensure that learning is interactive and interesting
  • To ensure that planning and teaching are pupil centred to ensure improved education for all

As members of the Learning Council we will:

  • Visit other classes and see how things are done differently
  • Observe lessons and comment on them from our point of view   
  • Carry out surveys of pupil's views about learning in school
  • Carry out surveys of parent's views about learning in school
  • Review on a regular basis the school’s curriculum aims, teaching and learning policies
  • Comment on resources available 
  • Make recommendations to the Head Teacher and the school teaching staff.

What have we achieved in 2017 -2018? 

Watch this space